Countertop Facts

Things To Know About Your New Countertops!


Remodel Pre-Installation Checklist:

· All plumbing fixtures and sinks should be disconnected prior to your installation.

· New fixtures and sinks should be at the job site on the scheduled day of template for your new countertops (if you have a farmhouse sink, this should be installed prior).

· Plan to have your kitchen “under construction” for 3-5 days, not including your backsplash installation.

· If you have laminate or tile countertops, your cabinets will need paint or stain work done after your granite installation (we can provide a contractor if needed).

· Shims may need to be added if your cabinets are not completely level in order to have your countertops installed correctly and professionally. Sometimes a decorative trim can be added to hide any imperfections.

· Countertop slabs weight several hundred pounds, and safety must be our number one priority. Sometimes, the safest way to install granite in tight spaces may cause minor damage to paint & cabinets. Plan to have possible touch-up paint and/or stain work done after your installation instead of before.

Some points to remember:

· Bring samples with you to make your slab selection(s); include: paint colors, floor sample, backsplash tile, or any other finishes that you may want to incorporate into your new space. 

· If we have already given an estimate based on a particular granite sample or name, please give the salesman the name of the particular granite. With this information, he will make an effort to keep you in the quoted price range or something similar. 

· The slabs will not be individually priced. This means that any slab you select can cause the price to fluctuate in either direction. Although the salesperson will not be able to give you an exact price, he/she should be able to tell you what range the slab is in (Group 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5/Exotics).

· Keep in mind your slab thickness. We only fabricate 3 cm slabs (1 ¼"). They are less fragile, especially when dealing with marble and granite slabs that contain a large number of veins and movement. 

· If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office at 361-582-4806.


San Antonio: MJ Granite


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Houston: Arizona Tile


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If visiting the Houston location, contact Brian Sancet at 713.292.5003 when enroute. All slab selections should be held under the name Crossroads Flooring & Design!